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Once upon a time this site hosted a forum for myself and friends. Between September 2004 and March 2011 it had built up some pockets of useful information, with other pockets less useful. It was a simpler time on the Internet: bulletin boards were still popular, Internet Relay Chat was the Discord of the time, Twitter was (still is?) a pointless novelty.

For me though, the forum came to challenge Real Life for my attention, which meant it became a chore to maintain due to bots wasting time and bothering members, and after a database corruption and loss of two weeks of posts, in frustration I closed registrations and disabled posting. Members moved to other forums, but that didn't stop the bots continuing to be bothersome, so eventually I took the forum offline completely, though I had kept its content.

In the following years, people have asked about the content on several occasions. Sure, there's The Wayback Machine's archive you can pick through, or there's this presentation of the more useful forums as they were at the last backup, made available for nostalgic purposes. Links are not clickable, and pictures are not shown inline, since they will almost certainly be rotten and pointing to something sketchy.

— Jonathon Fowler, December 2022