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JFTekWar and JFWitchaven

JFTekWar and JFWitchaven are Capstone Software's 1995 games William Shatner's TekWar and Witchaven updated for modern Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.

In 2007, Les Bird published code snapshots for TekWar, Witchaven, and Witchaven II under no discernable license. These ports by me were made in fits and starts many years after, and are also provided on similar terms.


Example JFTekWar screenshot


Example JFWitchaven screenshot


One day...

System requirements

All platforms require you to have the game data from an original copy of TekWar or Witchaven.

At minimum, you need:

Linux and BSD are supported when built from source.

If you don't own each of the original games on CD, you may be able to find the needed files within the ZIPs available from Les Bird's webpage above. Look in the RUN directory contained in the relevant ZIP. The demo versions' files do not work.